Multiplayer Shops

Multiplayer shops are a great thing, but can be difficult to take care of when you have limited time, and what items to sell.

Items to Sell

  • Use items that are often used.
    Fuel and coffee are a few of them.

  • Use items that can be used to craft many other things.
    Don’t go into armor. You can change ores into ingots, and provide a armor bench or others ones nearby. Same with wood.

  • Items that can be crafted using farms or easy items to get.
    For fuel, use a flax/sunflower farm.
    Coffee, use a coffee cherry farm.
    You can combine these together because plants can be planted in front of trees.

  • Other Items
    …are all up to you!

You will always want it to be cheaper than the trade portal, but be sure it’s enough for you. Try and make it the same as sell price on the trade portal.

Tip: If lots of people buy a certain item, slowly raise it up.

Be sure you have multiple blockheads working if crafting lots. Two or three is a good amount. Be sure they are provided with beds, food, and tools if your shops include a farm.

Also, always have your blockheads crafting before leaving!!!

Location and Ad

  • Don’t spam advertisement every minute. (obvious)

  • Good Locations
    We all know that near spawn is a good one, but REALLY? Choose one along a subway, or somewhere transportation related. That way player’s won’t miss it when traveling somewhere!


  • Be sure the server strictly does not allow supershops.

  • Tip: Putting a shop with a sign including the price an for item, can make players come back if the shop is out of stock.


Nice tips for shops :sweat_smile:

Also, don’t set up shops in Single Player worlds. :lol:

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If you put a single player world’s save file in a mac server’s save directory, it makes it a server.

Put shops in SP, then make it MP :stuck_out_tongue:


Dear lord that’s genius!

Is… Is this how you convert a singleplayer world into a server?

Or a server into SP. Yes.

How stupendous. Now if only I had a mac.

If you can get the save file, you can send it to me to have it made into a server.

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Nice guide for shops GoodGradesBoy