Multiplayer - Survival Bases

Recently I’ve been playing on a survival server with PvP on and Expert Mode off, and I want to build a base where I can safely store my valuables without getting raided by other players.
I’ve thought about an underground base but people might accidentally find it while mining so I’m leaning towards a sky base. Both will take a lot of work so I’m open towards any advice and tips!

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Should this thread go in #multiplayer?

Sky islands are not very difficult to find with some Ladders. Climb up with them until you find a sky island you like, place a portal, go down and remove the ladder, then teleport back up. Build a base.

@WumboJumbo I don’t think so.


The recommended types of the transportation to the sky just for making a base are:
-Jet Packs (A lot more effective than using ladders, but a downside that they are extremely expensive to craft).
-Ladders (at least 2 ladders are required even though the woodwork bench crafts 10).

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A ladder or elevator would be a dead giveaway to a sky base to unless you have a jet pack or plan to TP back and forth via portals, I’d say stick to an underground base.

Either way, you should keep your base fairly small and be strategic about where you place it and of course try to get safes ASAP.


It’s a request for game-play advice. That puts it in the realm of questions.

Yep, small enough to not be obtrusive, and leave no traces of any sort however you might get up there initially. And get safes and place them next to each other or stacked. That will protect them if someone does find your base, wrecks it and removes all the back wall. Don’t leave any bench, chest, or safe off by itself.

Here’s an alternative option I have done before on survival servers where the hunters were very persistent. I found a really big ocean and built a base in the deeper section underwater. Getting there undetected is a challenge, and telltale lighting or water disturbances can give it away if you aren’t careful. But miners won’t find it from mining, and flyers won’t accidentally find it in the sky. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Thanks for all the input. I’ve decided to go with a sky base and I ended up finding an island with a ruby gem tree. Not many people journey from spawn and I’m living pretty far away so I reckon I’ll be safe.

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