Multiple Dimensions

Servers should be able to have multiple dimensions. This would pretty much mean another added world or server onto it, but you wouldn’t need a portal chest to bring stuff between the two. You would also have the same characters.
You could reach different dimensions by crafting a “Dimensional Portal,” which would be made in a diamond portal, and would need 1 diamond Trade Portal, 1 diamond Portal, and 400 tc. You can have up to 5 dimensional portals in a world.


Wouldn’t that be expensive to host?

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It wouldn’t cost additional money, just takes a lot of tc.

Wumbo has a point, to run the servers hosting worlds, it can cost a lot of money! adding additional dimensions would only make it a lot worse for dave to keep maintaining the cloud network supporting the servers in which you play on.

It would be fine if this was a single player only thing, but for multiplayer. it would never happen unless dave had a lot of money.

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