Multiple owners of ownership sign

The title says everything. So more than 1 person can build or destroy inside protected areas.

This is already possible. 2 ownership signs overlapping each other will give this effect. :slight_smile:

Ahhh okay i did not know that! Thank you!

I’m gonna bump this, cuz multiple owners being able to be assigned to one sign would be really nice for things such as “clan hall’s”where 5-6 people would all need to be able to interact. That is a lot of owner signs, and a lot of clunky lines on the screen. Being able to select up to so many people for one sign would be amazing.
~some food for thought

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dave quit this game

Everyone knows that. I once went to this server and these twats were like “no he’s still working on it you’re so negative BAN” like bro take a quick peek at the forums.

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Yes well aware. I still have hopes he will come back one day once sapiens has launched and major bugs fixed.