Multiple protection sign owners


There are many times when someone on my server wants to own a base with their friend. I think we should have the ability to set multiple protection sign owners so that we don’t have to place two protection signs one block apart from each other just to allow two people to build and destroy in the same area, and this would save resources as well, especially on non custom-rules worlds where resources such as gold is limited.


I definitely agree with the idea of giving players the ability of putting a whitelist on their ownership signs, Iron doors, safes, etc.

It would add a welcome amount flexibility to the security items that would be especially useful in faction PvP worlds.


There should be the same items required to integrate a big single sign to put multiple people names in it.


Perhaps it could say something like “Area Protected Owned By 3 Players” Instead of putting one players username. :slight_smile:


Yea if you tap on it maybe it will show all the players names.


Then anyone with their name on it can open any safe within it?


I personally think that should continue to work the same way it does now.


This would be nice a lot of servers have to dupe resources on survival to get what they need they wouldn’t have to do that has often by putting multiple owners on one thing