Multiple world owners

I always questioned whether the yellow owner rank was just for one person, like could you imagine two owners for one server? You could even go to three and have a owner on 24/7… Anyway I’m just pitching weird ideas that I wish were true.
It would be really cool though right?!?

yellow rank is only for the owner. I’d rather keep it that way too because players won’t get confused since some don’t read world information before playin.

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I see your point, it would be confusing for players lol

Hmmm, maybe then a high admin/co-owner role with a visible color difference? That would be pretty cool and it would help with admin abuse/trolling unless you co the wrong person. It would also alert you to someone that’s (hopefully) responsible n’ stuff(I know it wouldn’t happen but I’m still thinking)

Merged double post.

I have moved this to suggestions, as it doesn’t appear to really be a question, so much as an idea.

There shouldn’t be admin abuse if owners are careful and selective in who they give admin to. Just give players who you trust in this way admin, give all other staff mod and there won’t be a need for an additional staff category.


Maybe they’d have a purple border around their profile picture?

Oooo purple sounds cool!