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I’ve always loved the Suggestions category in these forums because it’s where we could publish our dreams and wishes for this beloved game. The posts in this category have often given rise to great excitement over a pending new version release as we wonder and try to guess what will be implemented from those suggestions.

But now, I fear that the stark reality is that there are no more updates of Blockheads to look forward to. The game is now 7.5 years old and although a new update would thrill this fan base, it’s just simply not going to give a return on investment anymore - that’s the reality of a mobile game approaching a decade in age.

So my musing is this: It seems that the suggestions category has served its purpose and should now be closed and archived. Otherwise - what point is there in creating vain hope in something that will never come to fruition? It’s a bit like a waiter giving you a menu after you’ve already consumed your meal and dessert and have paid the bill… Is my logic off? Am I missing something?

I happen to have come across several very long and detailed posts lately in the Suggestions category and all I can do is shake my head and sigh. All that time spent writing in vain… I haven’t the heart to tell the author that his lofty dreams have been stuffed into a bottle and cast upon a vast ocean with no distant shore to receive them…

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