My awesome base


Surface house:

-non-electronic crafting benches
-electronic crafting benches with generator
-diamond portals and trade portals
-golden beds
-hot tub with an unknown collection
-elevator to hell

Also includes an old section with soft beds, a few workbenches, a small electronic contraption, a trade portal, a ladder. and a hot tub

Hell house:

-a butt ton of ice torches
-every electronic crafting bench
-5 Golden beds
-some safes
-trade portals
-hot tub
-elevator up

How do you like it? I put in a lot of time into making it


Nice! You should put a cave troll in the hell house


It looks very good, but can you make this? :arrow_down:


I’ll try to find a troll. Is there a way to spawn them


No. But I wish there was, you’ll need to find it


Hell house? :joy:


Yes. It’s a house built at hell level


That’s what it was called in the op


Uhm for some reason my hell base froze and I died from freezing


Too many ice torches?


No. One day it worked fine but the next my guy died and I had to remove them


So now it is an issue but not before? Weird.


I know. Sometimes I have to remove and add torches near my pool.