My Blockheads Motivational Poster ( Feel free to use! Just add credit )

Hey everyone! So this is based off of a discussion I read today here and decided to have a go of it myself since it was such a cool concept and gave me inspiration, but I didn’t reply to it because the last reply was 29 days ago, so… yeah ._.
Anyways, the discussion was about posters and how they can apparently change the mood / behaviour of your blockheads depending on what it is or something. I haven’t tried it yet, but I made a poster myself. Here’s the actual discussion about it: Blockheads Motivational Posters
And here’s my poster that I made:
The picture itself of the rainbow tulip is from here: Rainbow Tulip
Hope it looks good! I personally think I could have added some more effects and done a better job to make it look more interesting, like a border, but I’ll see what you guys think. Leave suggestions of what I could do to improve and add to the photo! I’ll edit this topic every time I like a suggestion and I will add credit to who thought of it.


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