My Cave Troll Spawn Sucks

After hours of looking for one in hopes of finding ice torches or a trade portal…

Just a chest! My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined


You got this! You’ll find more, they usually have at least 1 ice torch. Trade portal is more rare, I’ve found 2-3 maybe


What is in the chest?


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1 rainbow essence and 7 gold ingots. So meh. I’m working on taming the big boy now though

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Is this a server or a single player world?

Also…I found a troll!

and another! Don’t lose faith! this one is confused since I’m flying


I found a troll too! It’s on my server tho, lol I was just looking for a ruby then I find that

Gotta go trap it somewhere else! Get that fancy loot!

So jealous! Mine is a sp world

Oh alright, I would’ve sent you some ice torches via Portal Chest :slight_smile: