My cave troll won’t tame

I fed the cave troll like 13 gold coins and it does tame pls help

First question: has it ever been tamed before, by another player?
If so, then it can never be tamed by anyone other than that player.

If not, then just keep trying. Could be a glitch.

Did you feed it 13 gold coins in one quick swoop?

No I meditated and fed it

Yes, I’ve tamed a cave troll before, but it’s been so long, I couldn’t remember how many gold coins it would take to tame the cave troll.

It will always take 10 gold coins to tame a troll, how ever if you hit 10 and it’s not named just keep it as decoration at spawn or your house as it’s bugged out and can’t be tamed by anyone. I’ve come across one before in a single player word like that and fed it basically a plat

Keep in mind that if you ever hit it, either on purpose or accidentally, it will require one additional feeding.

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