My current base

This is my current base, with mine entry. Pictures may be outdated because I’m playing this game.


You’re worried about thieves in a singleplayer world?

Just FYI, there are other threads for this :slight_smile:

Well, what if a bull storms in my base?

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Always think ahead!

There are no bulls, nor could they storm your base.

What if a Herd of dropbears came to assault my base?

Um :neutral_face: they don’t break blocks you know

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They cannot steal your stuff.


Say what y’all want, this guy is prepared for any scenario!

My first base looked somewhat similar to that. Without any form of organization that is.


Like I said, always be prepared! Rather safe than sorry! :wink:


Imagine those bears from the trees just yeet you out inside the spawn without letting you rest in peace and respawn xD

Yeah, that’s also why I have 3 doors, and I could just deck out in the cold storage or mine.
And this has something to do with The Blockheads, so it technically does pass the guidelines.
And it’s Wolf-proof. Because he’d blow down the top, and the actual shelter would still exist. Unless he goes in with the Dynamite. FYI, I am still struggling with getting some marble, so maybe there’s marble in the gold chests.

Three doors? Wolf-proof? Blow down the top? Dynamite?! Wow! Your world must be eventful.

Also, you cannot find marble in golden chests.

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Try looking by limestone deposits, thats the only place o finger it.

OOF phone typing :stuck_out_tongue: