My discord bot

So I’m currently working on my own discord bot!
It’s hosted on any Raspberry Pi Zero W
If you want to check it out, join the discord!
If you have any suggestions, feel free to share!
Status: online

btw it doesnt have much commands yet
the best it has is that it can do addition

Make it do subtraction! :lol:

So I turned it to a music bot!
It can stream music with minimal lag

For YouTube?

Yeah exact same

You’re putting yourself at risk then.

but its for educational purposes :wink:
and im not earning any money off of it

Invite link if you want to test it out in your server

That doesn’t matter. Even if you’re not earning money from the bot and even if it truly is for educational purposes only, Google will still take action. :frowning:

Well, what can they do?
It’s not even popular

They can send you a cease and desist letter if they catch you. Google has a lot of lawyers that are constantly surveying various platforms.