My Dodo Farm


I have a few images of my Dodo Farm that I wanted to share:

My profits so far:
I also have a couple Coffee Cherry trees growing so that is were the Coffee Cherries are from
Making Dodo Stew. Phew! lots of hard work!


I feel hungry all of the sudden. :yum:


Yeah I have over 201 Dodo legs and I have no idea what to do with them…


U gonna finish that? If not lemme eat it


Yeah I would give some to you guys but I can’t join any servers. So I’m just going to cook half and make the rest Dodo stew and sell it.


When you’re hungry (even a little), you can click on the dodo legs, and zoom out. Then keep clicking eat beside the dodo legs. You can finish the whole thing without stopping, as long as you don’t stop clicking