My Dodos


I know this is random, but just wanted to show just a few of my dodos. I have 99+ tamed dodos. The funniest name I had so far was Limehead, what about you?


Some funny names I got were “Dodo”, “Cat”, and Dog". Dodo makes sense, but kind of a funny name for a dodo since it’s the species name, and dodos are not cats nor are they dogs. :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t been taming very much, I think the funniest name I have is Phillis lol
Nice dodo farm! :smiley:


I’ve also had a Limehead and thought it funny :rofl:


I love when they are named Quackers! :smiley:


Names are fun. Dave went to town, and I contributed a few really silly ones too :slight_smile:


Does Chiquita has a reference to chiQ? :wink:


I have no idea! Dave came up with that one. It may be a reference to dodos having chicks…?


I’m taking the random gamble he was referring to “chiQ”. XD

I did see “asyc” as a dodo, and she wasn’t one on the original list.


We have discovered the generated dodo names but not all the rare names have been discovered yet.

Fun Fact: there are 244 dodo names and 44 rare names


Ohhh. 44 including yours I’d assume.

I thought you and milla knew, but Dave is the only one who knows them all?

Sneaky. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is more interesting to discover them as we tame each animal. I have not found any “asyc” mob yet.


True. I’m just happy I discovered yours before anyone else did. Feeling Special about that.

Honestly, if “Chiquita” wasn’t intending milla, I wonder what would be if at all?

Chances are there is one tho. XD


Sharky McSharkface? :smiley:




a funny name i got for a dodo was littlefoot


In answer to your question, you feed it apples. It takes three feedings and you should keep them away from apple trees as they will eat the fruit and won’t be hungry.
However, the first sentence you said I feel was circumventing the swearing filter.


If you have more question about how to tame mobs in our Blockheads game I recommend to read this thread it teaches you how you also breed too.