My exploration disappeared!


When I left my world everything was fine, but when I went back on, I lost all exploration, including the spawn portal. I have not discovered the portal yet, but I think it still exists. However, I let one of my blockheads drown in a ocean to see if they would regenerate at the spawn but they instead spawned at the base of a mountain. All the territory has been regenerated and is completly different to before the “crash”, but I still have my blockheads inventories, However, one of my blockheads (who before the crash was above ground) was in a cave, yet the area around them was undiscovered. I sent another blockhead to find them which was successful and they now can explore like normal. The world is fine now except I don’t know where the spawn is yet (it’s a 4x world). Has this happened to anyone else? Also this was on iOS if that makes any difference.


Was this a single player world? Because then it could have converted into a x16 world due to corruption


Yes single player, but judging by the South Pole to east pole distance which was only a few thousand blocks, I don’t think it expanded, however, the pole to pole distance appears to have shrunk.


Tapping on the TCs in the top, right corner should take you to spawn.

It does sound like the device ran out of resources and damaged its own data files, thus corrupting the world. I’m sorry about that. You might find that it contains traits of another world you’ve played on, either online or off.

I’m going to PM you.