My First Tamed Troll On Expert


I got a shock the other day when my blockhead came across a troll. It took a little bit of convincing, but I decided to tame it.

I certainly was scared that my blockhead would die, but he was safe in his square where he wouldn’t hurt me, didn’t need gates but I wanted them. :joy:

He didn’t take too long to tame, but it’s harder to tame in expert as you cannot meditate to make the whole process faster.

Not long after taming him, I decided to bring him up to te surface. After @Louz built a bubble for him, he was put into his new home. He was not very nice to other people besides me, and he caused crashes for the server, so we decided to put up some signs for him to read and reflect on.


Whoah, quite an achievement. I haven’t even tamed a cave troll on a normal world!


Nice :slight_smile: