My first unicorn 🖤 (and the result of it)


After a loooong time of gameplay, i finally got my first unicorn :black_heart:
It is a grey one, but im looking foward to breed him until i get the rainbow color, no matter how long it takes.

There is also the result of breeding him: dozens of donkeys that were tamed but i was too weak to get rid of, so i pilled up just outside of my base and put a auto dispenser to feed them… I could slaughter them for leather, but the price is not even worth it… :confused:


Congrats on your first Unicorn


Well done!! :unicorn:
You can also make cages and pick up the pets you don’t need, and store them in a chest for safe keeping.


Great job! :unicorn:


yeah, I cage mine up when I don’t want to keep feeding them, but you can also set them free and let them die naturally. Don’t worry, it’s painless. :wink: