My First World Review <3

Hey there everyone! Tbuckey here, I don’t usually do reviews on worlds, but I want to tell you all about a world I stumbled upon!
The world is called Skylands Adventure. As the name implies, this world is not your usually “creative” mode world. Theres no special starters or even jet packs! This world however, is in my opinion AMAZING! I never thought I would like a world like this, but after giving it a shot, I can happily say, “I DONT REGRET IT.”
Heres why, when you begin this world you HAVE TO READ THE INTRODUCTION AND RULES. If you don’t, you will NEVER understand what is going on! :lol: in this world, you are transported back into time and become a follower of the Blocksage, Sir Chapelier. I can’t give too much away, because the story and legend is all apart of the atmosphere of the world!
Once you embark on your epic quest, you will be faced with many a challenge! Some are difficult, while others are easy to figure out.
When you enter a challenge, it really makes you think. You will need common sense, creativity and a smig of audacity. I HIGHLY recommend this world to ALL players! My only recommendation is that the players who dare to take on this quest, that they have common knowledge of blockheads. (even so as a player with common knowledge, some riddles were very difficult!)
I cant say much more, because the quest is so much more fun when you figure it out yourself! You won’t know the feeling you get when you pass an impossible feat! Until you play, let me tell you, its INCREDIBLE!
SO PLEASE! GO check this world out!
I look forward to seeing you all there! I also look forward to playing, and reviewing the sequel world called, “Skyland Odyssey”
Have a great day everyone! see you all soon!! :blush:


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