My friend is still cloud banned

Hello, I want my friend un cloud banned as it has been longer than he should have been, I demand him to be un cloud banned now.

Why though? Could you elaborate?


Because he leaked someone’s Ip.

lol then you’re in no position to make demands (not like you were even if the crime was less horrible)


That’s not something you get cloudbanned for.

Well, my friend did.

Leaking ips? Or checking into players ips to scare/make threats with their locations? Because that’s the only situation that i can think of that you can get cloud-banned for.

No, I mean like your game IP.

Your game IP is your actual IP address so yes telling people (aka abusing staff powers) is very bad

Yes it’s bad but I don’t think you can get cloudbanned for that.

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Really? :slight_smile:

I do not discuss the ban of one player with any other player.

Oh okay, I may have been wrong.

When it’s used to bully and intimidate it’s especially bad, but any breach of another player’s privacy is considered out of line. We don’t permit the publication of IPs in the public forums here either.