My friend's ip got stolen

My friend Giacomo got their ip stolen and can’t access their account. During that day, someone with my friends ip joined and pretended to be my friend. I knew it wasn’t them because I told the person to message me on discord and they continued to say that they couldn’t. This person couldn’t access my friends account though. My friend still can’t access their old accounts on the worlds they use to play on. Is there any way to restore his ip and account back or does he have to restart? And is there any way to permanently ban the person who stole my friends ip so this doesn’t happen to anyone else? I’m also a little worried that if I get too involved the same thing that happened to my friend will happen to me.

This is the first time I’ve used any forum of any kind. I hope I’m doing this correctly. If I’m not, please let me know. I took screenshots but it won’t let me send them, if you want the screenshots which kinda help explain what is going on, you can reach me on discord by madds#1819.

Your best bet is to private message @milla the official manager of blockheads…

if you’re new you’ll have to continue browsing the forums for a while before you’ll be able to send a PM to anyone

I don’t think Discord “evidence” is allowed because it’s outside of the range of control of the game and blockheads forums tho.
Only in game and forum screenshots are allowed as evidence in your private message.

I have screenshots from the game if that counts, or i can have a admin in the server take screenshots from the portal assuming that’s still a thing. I use to play this game like 2 years ago or something and I’m not too sure how much it has changed. But I believe you could look at past messages from the admin portal or whatever it’s called.

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Also how would I go about messaging them? Sorry still trying to navigate this website.

how are you so sure their ip address was stolen?
maybe their support id was changed and the person was someone else wanting that username so they used unknown symbols allowing the player to appear as your friend.

A friend of a friend who is an admin on the server went on the portal and checked the ip of the “imposter” and it showed up as the same id as my friend. My friend can’t access their account, whenever they try to it says that someone already playing on his device on the server. He’s tried multiple times and for some reason it wouldn’t work. Somehow he managed to make a new account and join.

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Does your friend have any siblings or other people who live in the same house? They could show up with the same IP and use the same username.

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Did you have a friend at your house who was also playing Blockheads with you?

And welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

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Hello. Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

You can’t steal an IP address. It’s leased to a router by the ISP, or permanently allocated to it, if it’s static, and the only way to use it while that lease is current is to be on the same private network. If they dropped their lease and have a new IP address it would have been allocated to a new router, a random occurrence, and in no way hackable. The only way to manually allocated an IP is as root on the ISP gear.

Also, if they can’t use their in-game names it means their support ID has changed, which is their Blockheads account designation, and not even remotely dependent on their IP address. They will need to contact me if that is the case. The quickest way is to private message me here.

I don’t support the game via Discord.


Okay thank you

not sure i’ve seen people on this game spoofing, if they’re that serious why focus on a game like this? they’d have to little to no life, if they have the time to make up a story about ‘stealing an ip address’ i think it’s safe to say it’s just a malicious troll

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 36 hours unless flagged)

Whenever I join it says that I can’t access my account, whenever I try it says that someone already playing on his device on the server. I have no other siblings so it isn’t anyone who’s playing a prank. For you information, why would I waste my time making a troll when I can’t even login into my account. Even further adding on, I also wouldn’t waste my time coming into this forum if it wasn’t serious. I know its a game and I really don’t care anymore because its not that serious of an issue because I can still access the server with a different device. Thanks for your help courageous I understand but this is not a prank. Also, I’m not even able to join the world because of the admins ip banned the person who had the same ip as me so now I’m not even able to access the server. I haven’t done anything wrong as I entered the server and said I was banned and instead went to a different device and tried to enter the server but still banned so this is an ip ban which affects the person and me. CHEERS!!!

I don’t actually get the whole story but if you were banned in a server (you and the other person that shared the same IP address) there’s nothing much you can do about it.

You’ll lose your stuff in that server but you’re better off playing in a different one.

If you need anything let me know, i have a server and basically everything ingame so i can share if you want :slight_smile:

nobody is accusing you of doing anything wrong, but i don’t believe the ip is the problem, could someone else you know be accessing your account? one device running actively on that account will not allow any others to be using the same account

If it says someone else is already playing on the device then there is another device using the same Apple or Google account, that is actively being used to play Blockheads.

But how… no one plays this game I’m an only child it’s weird and confusing. Cuz who else is gonna play this game besides me.