My game crashes and sometimes resets my phone

On my android phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy J3 prime, my game crashes and sometimes resets my phone for some reason. This happens when I load a world and when I do stuff like crafting something or picking an item up. Also, when it crashes, sometimes it makes a very loud beep .

Does it reset everything on your phone?

I suggest emailing noodlecake with this.

No it just turns it off

I’m sorry this is happening. It must be very frustrating. If its crashing or rebooting your phone it’s well worth contacting Noodlecake, the Android developer for the Blockheads. You can do this by pausing the game on any world, including a singleplayer one, tapping on HELP/CREDITS, scrolling down to the Support section, and tapping the link to email support there.

Be sure to reply to their autoresponder, if the links it contains don’t include a solution to your problem, so they know they need to get back to you.

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