My Last World (Heaven) (Mac Hosted Server by Wingysam)


Heaven, Owned by Hyness245 (Vanilla survival world)

In this world you are free to choose your style of play, as this will be my last world I create. You are free to bring in duped items, or play legitimately. You are also allowed to fly around with no jet packs, etc. But PvP will remain off so no spawn killing happens. Remember to follow rules that have been set in place though :slight_smile:

Hot tip:

Nothing is safe in this world! Do not leave safes lying around or anything as they may be at risk of being raided by script kiddies. So unless you want your stuff taken, or anything killed keep it safe in a portal chest!

Server Rules:

-Do not bully others in the server.
-Do not use hacks to grief any protected structure in the server, unless said so by the owner.
-Do not use cuss words in this server.
-Do not make any structures deemed inappropriate, or lag the server in any way.
-This world is 1/4, use it responsibly. :slight_smile:
-Do not dupe in this world, as it will cause lag.
-Please keep to this rule, protection signs will be limited in numbers. You will only be able to own 3 protection signs and that’s it. if you do plan on getting another one remember that you will have to pay 100 platinum coins to get another one.

Failure to abide by any of the rules will result in a permanent IP and user ban from this server. No second chances will be given unless said so.


I_LoveDogs (Mod)
Volcano Flame (Admin)
Hyness245 (Owner/Admin)

Join link:

Number of players currently online:

Number of online players

World Settings:

World Rules: Vanilla survival environment. (Meaning there will be time crystals and portal chests)
Owner: Hyness245 and Wingysam
World size: 1/4 (small)
World seed (for those who wish to use it in custom rules.) - (1556927599)


Wouldn’t it be hell then?



How much would you like to hack?
Hackers/Script Kiddies:


Admins can’t demote the owner.


Fixed the problem where I said you could dupe, but the rules said otherwise. Thanks for bringing that up :slight_smile:

Remember that PVP will be off, so you do not have to worry about spawn killers

Also, if you want to apply for staff PM me with your username of choice you want to use. And the rank you wish to be.


This is a mac server run by Wingysam. Obtaining the owner roll is impossible (currently) on mac servers.


Oh, I’ve never really owned a Mac server before.


I am excited for it! Definitely going to join when it is open.


Server News:

The server is now opened to the public, though as of the time I publish this post it does not have a diamond portal.

But feel free to join anyway. :slight_smile:

Join Now:

I want a goal for this world, though it is optional to participate. I want as many people to hear about it so if you could please remember to share the world link with your friends or family.

I have no intentions on this world becoming popular, but I want people to hear that this world will be one of those worlds where you can play freely and not just how the developer wants you to play.

Remember to follow the rules and have plenty of fun :slight_smile:


NOTE: Only the actual owner can use the owner portal to send as SERVER. If you are demoted from your server, just use the owner portal to /admin yourself and /ban them.


Updated the Original post of this thread to include the new (badges) for knowing how many players are on at once