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In case you’re wondering, it’s a baby sea otter, specifically, this one:


What a cute otter! :heart_eyes:



You should get a polar bear cub up or somethin’.

Cuter :smiley:


So cute!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I like them so much, I‘ve even got an own album for them on my handy :joy:



He is so adorable!!!


Those are freshwater otters, which are so gorgeous that I follow dedicated Twitter accounts of them. Mine is a sea otter, which more closely resemble muppets than real animals. I’m otterly obsessed, as you may have noticed.

Also, donkeys :two_hearts:


I feel you milla! :joy: The only animals I like more are penguins :penguin: :heartpulse:


Your avatar changed from a lion to a sea otter.


Awww it’s so cute! I want it to be mine

So that’s why donkeys are in the game-


Sea otters are cute! I love to watch them swimming in our local bay. Last month I got a nice video of a trio of them floating real close to the shore.

There were artists out painting them and lots of tourists on the dock. They seemed to enjoy all the attention.


They are lovely. We don’t have them on our coasts. Just seals, sea lions, and penguins. I’d love to encounter them in the wild like that. I’ve only ever done so in a zoo, and the otters we have in our zoos all seem to be fresh water otters.


They’re like a strange mixture of dogs and weasels that somehow managed to learn how to swim.


They are in the same family as ferrets and polecats, from memory :slight_smile:


Sparrow, my cat :slight_smile:


Awwww I love cats!


I love this photo, because she was so tightly curled up and anxious. That white bit under her chin is actually a paw. I had my rabbit running around, because we had a big rain storm that night, and he slept inside. She’s scared of him.


So is that your rabbit’s paw?:thinking:


First time I’ve heard of a cat afraid of a rabbit.


The rabbit is larger than the cat.

@Blocky1: No. It’s hers.


Sounds like quite a rabbit.