My Legit FREE TC Server

Recently I was trying to help educate people on Time Crystal piracy and why it is harmful. So I Took one of my old servers I had lying around and decided to put it to good use while we still pay time crystals for servers.

I renamed the server FREE TC. I put a general set of rules and standards I used from another one lf my servers in a spoiler, and bellow the spoiler I put a section “How To Get Your FREE Time Crystals.
Step 1 Read this ENTIRE article and put a link to Guide To Hacked/Pirated Time Crystals.
Then for step 2 I put, ask KP7 how to get YOUR FREE Time Crystals.

So, I set the server to public, and got a few people, not as many as I had hoped but it was a good amount. People would come and ask for free time crystals. I would ask did you read the article? Whenever they said yes, I would ask them some things about it to make sure they actually read it. After they read the article, I would take them to a building and put up signs so nobody else on the server saw and the whole thing would be ruined, and typed “To get your free tc, tap the portal, tap the time crystal, free offers, and watch the video. After this most people got mad and left. But I think I may have managed to teach and convince at least one person that pirated tc was bad.

This server is no longer running btw. If anyone saw me running my FREE TC server don’t worry, I wasn’t actually giving them pirated Time Crystals!

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That’s great! :lol:

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I once randomly joined a free tc server. I left, got the link to that guide, and sent it in chat. The admin online adminned me and threw away all the safes.


I made a server dedicated to teaching people that free tc was bad, I don’t think it helped. I wasted my time lol, that’s good that you managed to educate someone about it @KP7 .


A legit free tc server with actual free tc (the mined kind) would be cool.

A tc mining vanilla server where you can mine for time crystals with your freinds.

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That’s great! :slight_smile:

I don’t really like the idea, I can just do that on any Vanilla world such as SGE.

Interesting concept. At spawn you could include a few small, nicely decorated and fully protected boxes for people to watch ads inside safely. Sort of a multiplayer ad-watching junction?

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That sounds like a great server idea :+1: