My Megabase

Hi there! I just destroyed my town in a server, and am wondering what to build now. I want to make something…epic. Something…big. Something…MEGA!
Anything may be suggested, but don’t be surprised if I refuse or notice any flaws. To get us started, I’ve put up some options. However, don’t be afraid to post ideas of your own!

  • A gem castle! (either ruby, diamond, sapphire, etc.)
  • A big cloud raining down onto a dodo farm!
  • A city!

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An old school mine cart track! Been too long since I’ve seen a good one of those🥸

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Please suggest buildings or structures I can live in. Sorry for any inconvienience :sparkles:

a spawn that goes up instead of sideways so you can have an elavator. this would allow people to move around spawn quicker, and get to unprotected land to build their own base faster and with less hassle

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I’m not the owner, and I’m talking about my base, not spawn

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This is an interesting idea! I will make some blue prints when I get some time and see what I can come up with. In regards to protected area, what were you thinking? Like 61 tall by 15 wide or something?

I haven’t forgotten about you, just brainstorming something that hasn’t been done time and time again. I am honestly intrigued by the cloud and how that would look.

To help me out a bit, can you provide a little more info on what you are looking for in terms of efficiency? On surface level, under ground, in the sea, or in the sky?

Do you want travellers to be able to interact with your build?(ie a maze or something?)

Always down to brainstorm building ideas.

idk. maybe a tower with something at the top? it’s just a suggestion

I want something big and something that looks good, I’m kinda abandoning the cloud here T-T It will be in the sky and I want people to look at it and be like, Wow! I wish I could do something like that!

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I voted for all of them! :lol: