My Name, has been taken!


For about 2 weeks now, I’ve been using a different name
on different servers.

But my original name was Gaareth.
And everytime I try to join a server with the name**, it says that my **
username was taken, I’d want to know how this could be fixed or how to prevent it.
I own about 11 servers, 4 official with the name.

I contacted support, but they have not replied.


Just be patient. Support will get to it. That message means that somehow your Device ID got changed. Support can merge your new device ID with your old name so that it works again. Happens to lots of people.


Continue waiting for support to merge your IDs.

  • Don’t jailbreak
  • Don’t log out of GameCenter (shouldn’t be an issue but it can happen)
  • Don’t upgrade iOS (there have been a couple issues where this reset an ID)

Milla has had rather a hard couple of weeks, she will get to you eventually. See here.


I don’t jailbreak, I think last year I deleted the game, which logged me out of GameCenter, and I’ve been
trying to ignore the 9.4.2 iOS updates.

And I’m sorry! I hope she gets better soon, I was not really aware of that…

Thank you!


I have this same problem too arrrgh I was about to throw the device out the windows due to this


It can be fixed without having to damage an expensive phone. Just send Milla a PM here with your device ID and your old and new names. Do not share your device ID with anyone else. It’s available within the game app on the Help/Credits page.


Um where’s the help and credits page at? :confused:

Nvm I found it my support id it’s [redacted] and all the old and new names are Xavier (New) and iPad (Old) so will you fix this?


No. Only milla can fix it. And do NOT share the ID in public,


Hi, please refer to Jemnidad’s earlier statement.:

Guide on how:

You may want to remove that ID. If the mail icon doesn’t show up for you, just browse for a bit and it will appear eventually. Also note that milla may take a while to reply, as it is the weekend.


Please edit your post and remove your support ID. That’s not safe to share with anyone but Milla.
(click the pencil icon)


I don’t need in-game names from both accounts. I need more than one from the old one, if you don’t know the SID for that account, as well as an approximate date when you last used the old account.

So, in summary, PM me your current SID, your old SID if you know it, and if you don’t know the old one include two names from the old one, and the approximate date you last used it.


Don’t worry, I guess there’s many people IRL with your name lol.


When the game says your name is taken it isn’t that it knows who you are. It’s because your support ID has changed, and you have lost access to a name attached to your old support ID as a result.