My new server Majic Gardens


The spawn of my new server Majic Gardens let me know what you think`


I think the backwall could use some more lighting. I also don’t like how it’s set over a natural mountain that has limestone. It looks a bit unfinished.


Cate that’s marble


She means the limestone underneath.
I think it looks great, though!


It’s not done really yet


It’s kinda based on Roman architecture


Ohh like a Roman Empire server ops I owned it lol looks good too bad my server been close I’ve made some structures there from Rome that what can you visit for example the spawn I made name library of celsus it’s part of ancient building in Rome so I guess the new Rome server will be here nice!


The spawn has been upgraded
On the map

Spawn in area and some of the garden

Actual spawn in area

Hope it has gotten better how about now cate


It looks good! I like how it’s open. Too often I find a spawn that looks like a maze with no natural lighting in sight. I’m happy that yours has a lot of natural light.


Yeah, I think it’ll look really nice once the trees are fully grown.


Thanks for the response

It was my fist thought to create an open spawn with a big garden well it kinda says it in the name to


Yep pm me and il let you join


I love the design!




I have a suggestion for the spawn:

(On map)

(Left side)


(Right side)

Again this is only suggestions the final decision is base on you, because it’s your world.
Also your design looks amazing!

According to your world name I made a few changes for spawn idea :confused:

(On Map)

(New building at left)

(New building at right)

Hope this is good change