My New Tulip Farm


This is my new tulip farm on my single player🌷

This is how big it is all together ^

This is the centre where there are 2 towers for my one colour tulips ^

This is where I have grown my recent hybrids or if I bought them from another world I put them there so they are ready to be organised.

This will be where I put my hybrids once I’ve organised them ^

I hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:


Excited to get back into doing Blockheads, my phone is fried so I won’t be able to for a little bit
Edit: I miss blockheads so much it’s gonna be so boring the next couple of days without my phone.

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Moved to #pictures.

Awesome! I myself have never been interested in tulip breeding, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

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Not bad.

@asyc might want to see this.

(Sorry for bugging you)

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wow !! never had the patience to try tulip breading aha, any tips?

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Just be patient! Took me a long time to get to that stage ^. But it’s worth it!