My new website!

If you want to check it out, feel free!

Edit: doesn’t work


Wait I think it only works on my network ;-;
Guess it doesn’t work

upload the files to a github repository and enable github pages

I’ll fix it tomorrow I’m too tired today
I spent like 3 hours setting it up

I’m pretty sure this is a local IP l o l
I think you’ll need port forwarding and a static IP first, but you’ll probably also want something to give your site a hostname or whatever they’re called so you don’t essentially give people the general area of where you live

Isn’t that the default IP address?

You can easily get an IP from a host name, so the best case scenario would be to get an off-site server host not connected to your local IP which is probably overkill for Codeofffun’s project. IP locations are not entirely accurate if that’s the concern.

For us to see the website, you would need to provide us with your public IP, as mentioned by Raceplays, which you can get through IPchicken, along with port forwarding to port 80. Giving us your IP may be a grey area in the rules however. I believe IPs are classified as public information, but I’m not sure how it’s enforced here. You can also alternatively register a domain either pointing to your IP or a separate host. Your domain can be free, paid, or through a Github repository.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that there can be security risks involved with giving out your public IP.

For future reference, private IPs usually begin with (

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Lol, i didn’t notice the local IP address. Back in the days, when dinos walked the earth, the served me well in getting local network services accessible over the internet for free.

Can someone try again?
I tried port forwarding

If you did port forwarding we would need {public ip}:{port} or use a service like noip to hide your ip

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Domains don’t hide IP. the DNS system is how domains work, it turns the domain into the IP. You don’t see the IP unless you look for it, but it’s readily available.

There’s no need to be afraid of people getting your IP. Your approximate location (a few hundred miles off sometimes) is not extremely dangerous. If you are afraid of someone knowing what country you live in, use a cloud server.

Someone could also perform a Denial-of-Service attack, or DoS. To do this, they use their network to flood your server in an attempt to crash it. If that isn’t enough, they can use more networks to distribute this attack, known as a DDoS. If this happens to you, which I doubt this community would do, log into your router admin panel and change the MAC address for a new IP.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello, sure, send the a public accessible url and I can have a look. Best regards.

So I tried again (and yes I got a new domain name)
I’m guessing it didn’t work

Just set it up on GitHub pages…

Well I want to host it with my raspberry not GitHub

If you don’t want others to know the internal IP of the server, you can always proxy it behind cloudflare, or something similar.

That would make it only available to my network (like what I did)

Read the whole thing it’s step 4