My newer and equally prized dome skyscraper!


I’ve done it again*! I haven’t made such a building in quite a long time. But here’s more domes in the sky! I love how it’s coming along so far (as of now, it’s not done. Might even add in more side domes, idk)

*by that, I mean if you haven’t seen the last one, feel free to give it a look!

That bear really makes this all look 10x better in my opinion. Love it!

I will update with complete pictures once I complete it.
But, for now, whatcha think?

House pictures!

Looks absolutely amazing!


Looks nice. :slight_smile:


Howap thck! Noice.


The shapes please my ocular organs responsible for the recording and transmission of visual information.


My geometry teacher would be proud.


yees very nice!1!


Hey, thanks y’all! Just wait until I finish it, hah.

@Prototype a whole circle has a 33 block diameter. can ya figure out the rest?

@Testif I wholeheartedly appreciate your positive feedback regarding the current progress of my effort and accept your praise with grace.


Nice Work Polar,
What server is this on - Starlight Skys?


Thanks! And yes, Ss4!


Ah yes, I think I saw the bear. The rest is covered by fog.
I’ve been visiting there undercover lately. :sweat_smile:


The bear pushes your fantastic build to an even higher level. Loving everything about this build. Really great job. :thumbsup:


That’s not bad at all! Well done!


Great build Polar.:slightly_smiling_face:


I probably could, but I don’t think I have any mental motivation to do so.


I like the design. Nice :slight_smile:


Did you use the bear as a ladder to the sky?


It might as well be, since I have trapdoors at the arms for quick access, but we’re always using jetpacks there anywho. I made it mainly for a cool, unique design.

@Starlight1 @milla @Thuthu
Thanks! I appreciate the feedback :+1:


I finally got to finishing and sharing my (pretty much) finished product. More domes! More paint! More dodos! More stress on the statue!

That’s about it from me tooting my horn. Other than rooms in the future, this is the final result.


Did you finish this by early February tho? Hmmm