[My] oldest server


So I have a constantly empty server named crystal skies and wanted to get some more users on it


Owner: Mhead
Co-owner: Pika pikachu:):slight_smile:
Co-co-owner: macspot 2
1.) No swearing.
2.) No dating or you will get banned.
3.) If you grief, you will get kicked.
4.) No dirt, titanium, or steel buildings.
5.) If you steal, you will get kicked.
6.) No asking for admin/mod or you will be kicked.
7.) If you make giant holes in the ground, please cover it back up.
8.) Make buildings out of non-flammable materials.
9.) With Mhead’s permission, you can place trade portals in your hotel room.
10.) Do not ask for coins.
11.) Three kicks is a ban.
12.) No changing the custom rules settings or welcome message without Mhead’s permission.
13.) HAVE FUN!!!
Other information:
Earn administrative privileges by getting a job and gaining Mhead’s trust. Moderator given to people that help other people on the world.
If you have read this welcome message say CRYSTALS!!! I

Custom Rules settings

Under construction


Can you change the title to make it more clear?




You should also explain whether it’s custom, or something else. What’s category of server is it? Is it free build, economy, wfs (I gotchu @milla, cuz that was your favorite type >:D), etc. ?