My Pixel Art: Structures, Buildings, and Paintings

Hi, I’ve put together some of the pixel art I’ve done last year. I meant to post them sooner, but I guess I lacked the courage to, so here they are now:)

First one is Aslan, the Lion. This build is from my offline world but it’s for Skeeve’s Narnia. I built it there as well but unfortunately I don’t have pictures of it and I’m not sure if I finished it too. I entirely forgot the meaning of this build, all I know is that it’s supposed to be a maze with a bunch of prizes inside.


Another one I built offline is this cool looking place for my cave trolls. While it looks cool, it also looks very very warm with those ball of flames design

Next up is my base on Expert Survival, not exactly pixel art but I wanted to share it

Above my base is the recreation of a beautiful old building in Ghent, the Post Plaza. There are more builds beside it but sadly, again, I don’t have pictures of them. If the server has credit again, you can go find it on the right side, past the skirt pole.

Just sitting by some trolls, nothing weird here

Here I thought, “what if the game had coral reefs…”

Random paintings featuring my messy inventory

More paintings. The first one I’ve ever made is the “tc wall” back in 2015. I really liked confusing people with that, but only after 5 years did I think of more ways to confuse people, i.e., the apple on the wall.

Here’s the painting resolution or pixel count of each sizes, so you can make your own if you want. I find that, when choosing pigments, the ultimate combination that almost always work is cyan, black, and white, respectively from top to bottom.

I hope you somehow got inspired to create your own pixel art. Hopefully it will give you more interest in playing the game and sharing your art, as it certainly did for me. Have fun and best of luck :blush:

Note: Those who may know who I am, please do not refer to me as my in-game name, thank you. Also, If you spot a painting that you’d like to craft/paint for yourself, point it out and I’ll reply with the image.

Except for the cave trolls though, you can only have this, anything else is okay :slight_smile:


Wow that is epic! That is the best pixel art I’ve ever seen.


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My brain is kinda confused looking at all the paintings XD

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Phenomenal stuff! Love that Building with the Clock Tower - it’s spectacular!

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holy cow im speechless

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You’re an amazing builder! :smiley:

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I love the paintings, and everything esle too! Good job!

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Amazing builds—and I love the creativity of the coral reef idea!! That’s so clever <3

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My head hurts it’s so good

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Ikr it messed up my brain too

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That tech/altar looking thingy with lots of cave trolls looks awesome. 10/10 in my book!!! 9/10 for the rest!! Amazing work. :grin:

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