My (Rewritten) Blockheads timeline. 2013-Now


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So the story began back in 2013 when i was only a kid. i was searching on the appstore on a prehistoric iPad one searching i think for Minecraft related games or just random apps and i came across blockheads.

i wanted to download it so i asked my mother and i was able to download it. My first world was kind of sloppy and things everywhere. Back then there wasn’t even a tutorial for the game because it was an older version.

from there on out i started my journey. i had made i think a world where i was mining with 2 blockheads down to the core but failed and the other was my main world but i am not sure if that was 2014 or 2013 things.

i don’t know the rest pretty much but during that year 1.4 came out and well i played on it and i think i also saw sam-boyer’s trailer for 1.4 which at the end showcased a handcar flying 30 blocks in the air i think.

I honestly don’t really know the rest so i will leave it here.


2014 has arrived and i was still playing blockheads on my main world but i think i deleted the other world much earlier but when it was April 1.5 came out and i was excited but i was grounded for the day because of something i can’t remember.

The next day after launch i was able to download it and i think it was a blast although for some reason i decided to kill my blockhead and it scared me literally. the death sound freaked me out when i r.i.p’d. Later on i decided to flood the subway thing i built out of duped stuff and then i just got bored of the world and deleted it.

The world did have a big home at spawn i kind of left for another one. This was also the FIRST! world i have ever circumnavigated which was 1x. standard for it’s time.

Then i decided to throw on some multiplayer because i just got bored of single player. which i joined a few servers but i do remember going onto a server and griefing spawn and i bought tcs for a second and third blockhead until i got banned from the server.

Honestly i probably should have known but i was a kid back then. Then i found Global-world 2 which was a blast. but it was also a pvp server and i didn’t know it at the time but for some reason i made my enemy a person named “long” i think but i just can’t remember the name these days.

I met some friends, bossss, ewans i think if that’s the name and a few others. that was the time back then because it was just refreshing. how i got my stuff is i raided a base and became OP with ice armor and gold coins and stuff i think but how i got that was by selling the stuff i had gotten.

i had heard my so called enemy destroyed a city one of my friends built but that was pretty much about it. shortly after i think global-world 2 ran out of credit and i never met any except for a few friends later on.

i was bored and just had to search for servers again until i found atlantic-fortress. Which at the beginning i spawned in a building with tons of portals which probably we’re duped. there i met friends i may still miss to this day.

Legoboyderek, Helena200, Athena, spidermanc4 and many others. I first got my own room in a giant hotel which i was back then a beginner. i started duping things sometime later although the server prohibited it.

This was a server i seemed to get banned almost constantly but came back. i think about 10-11 times i have been banned.

I made a little town far away from spawn. and i let some friends move in here and there. i had a workbench area which took ages to build due to not having double-time.

When 1.5.1 rolled by and introduced the cloud you could host servers with time crystals and so i did. it took a while for me to save to 600 time crystals. but when i did i made my first server which was griffen-land, typo was not intentional but instead a slip up. for the rest of the time i had i made stuff but got distracted by going to another server that night.

I think it was fort doom by israphel. i sort of helped him out a while and made a friend. when i got back to griffin land i just played for whatever time i had.

On June 5th i went mining and found a diamond although for some reason i chose to go with my father to a repair place because the battery of the car was acting up. when i got back i think i went back on griffin land and then shadow person something something decided to come to griffin land and help out. she supplied us with steel where we built the griffin land spawn.

We took a photo in the room by the big admin room which i do not have the photo because i deleted it, that will be explained later. I made a house in the sand but it was griefed. we built a hotel where we admins would live.

During that time it was the best time ever. a person who was also my friend named trollhunter built a sky city which then we decided to move too.

For some reason i decided it would be best to roleplay as wife and husband with someone which i honestly i think liked at the time.

I had had some drama here and there though but its best not explained. Griffin land found its self in an annoying search issue until at least july 30th. during then i just wanted to go back onto griffin land because there was so much there.

I had to play on atlantic fortress for a while. until griffin land was available again which then it was deserted and no one came there except for a few friends here and there. Every friend that went there sort of stopped.

I tried making friends with random people but it just didn’t feel the same, i tried building a sky city though.

Do note this was at a time where i made griffin land 2 though. Griffin land 2 was half decent and we made some homes here and there but that was the server where i met “Henrik…” Literal ign. We sort of had drama here and there but we we’re good friends.

I found a duping glitch with tc when i was at griffin land before griffin land 2 and that’s when i decided to exploit it and continue to make servers. it was a lag trick which i will not explain how to do it. From there things started to slop down.

When i went back onto griffin land after the chaos i sort of started a new and started destroying things. someone made some sort of lab thing and i remade spawn.

When 1.6 rolled by i was in joy again as there was a new update where then i made griffin world which was honestly the same feeling. just not the same.

I went to =mgn= Jetpacks for some reason and somehow i was caught in a video of redeagle explaining how to make jetpacks. you can see me as killerender :slight_smile:

And that was pretty much it. 2014 was a hit but at the end it was a miss. but i still liked that year.


Another year rolled by and i met a friend which i was nice too but until we had an argument of who would make spawn or not and that was the end of that friendship.

I had made several griffin land servers that it just didn’t feel the same. i tried ending it with a “finally” lol “finale” which i did but it shortly shut down.

Nothing much but boring stuff because back in 2014 atlantic fortress died due to low credit i think and i was already bored.

Everything started crashing down on me but i had made a friend here and there who was softballlover101 i think. we had a good time but a few bad spots here and there because i didn’t really know better back then.

There have been some good things of 2015 such as me going to pletopia and that stuff and i don’t really know.

This year just didn’t feel the same but eventually i found Henrik again at =mgn= jetpacks but i will not explain what happened there. but we had met for a while and that was the last time i ever saw him.

The end of 2015 was near when 1.6.1 popped out of nowhere on December 1st 2015 which then i decided to make custom servers and i had made a few here and there but they never blew up.

I was a pirate back then so yeah. :confused:


2016 wasn’t a bad year honestly. i had a few dramas here and there but that’s fine. then i was at a server i loved at the time which was skylands arena. in march i decided to make “TNGL” Which if you don’t know what that means it is literally “the new griffin land”

It was a maze server that was also my first. it wasn’t like this at first because i just wanted a spawn that was decayed but i decided to make it into a maze server.

like every server i made it was a failure but that’s fine. In april it was sort of hard because i just had a sudden panic attack which gave me constant anxiety which i had to deal with. blockheads was one way i could battle it.

in April i had decided to spend 6,000 time crystals which is 20 dollars US for me on a server which i made with the setting “no gems” which was a bad idea as it was corrupted. when i saw the lava on the ground it freaked me out. i kept the server for a while until i decided to close it.

When may rolled around i made dodo lakes which at the time was also a good server. it had brought me back as i started playing it without shutdown. i tried making jemni a track but he never came on to see it.

A squid named person something something “hiimasquid” came on and made a home for a while. i honestly made a mistake which was turning dodo lake custom. for a while it was fine but in july i shut dodo lakes down which i thought was permanent.

I slopped again but i was playing skylands arena mostly every day i think. in august i decided to make “august10” which was one of my igns. during then i had done stuff.

When it was October 1st it was my birthday which then that day i decided to join the forum as i was old enough too. i first had my username as leo_theblockhead but then changed it to sunnyperson.

On October 3rd i think i made Dodos evolved which was originally dodos. it was a place i worked at until i got dodo lakes back. but after that it closed.

When it was October 17th or something i contacted milla via email asking to merge some usernames. i just wanted dodo lakes so bad that when i got it merged i was so happy. :slight_smile:

When it was Halloween i went onto skylands and made popcorn which then i was promoted to mod that day. which i did want to be admin one day but like with everyone you start as moderator and go up.

In November a thing happened which i should not explain but lets say it didn’t go out well for a while but why am i even talking about drama… :confused:

On November 31st i just was at skylands and then i brought up the question of if it is possible to merge igns even if you lost the support id which was a yes. which then i had contacted milla asking to merge my accounts killerender120y which then i was able to get most of my accounts back and most importantly griffin land.

From there on out i did some changes to griffin land and made it custom which was probably a big mistake. and that is how my 2016 went out. not the best year but i will give it a 5


Another year seemed to pass instantly but January just really be a good month for me.

I had made New Years to celebrate but things didn’t really go out for me as well as my past self almost lost a friend due to something I had done. But I managed to somewhat pull through

On January 15th I did the horrible mistake and griefed a beginning tc server and got my mod status removed from skylands.

Honestly I just didn’t know what to do then. I just regretted what I had done. So I spent some time until the 18th when I think I told him that I regretted that decision I had made and I got my status back.

January may have had some other things in it that didn’t make it a good month mainly because I got banned from maze runner that month and that stuff.

Then February 14th rolled around, I offered to help Jemni out with his kits on skylands when I was promoted to admin. I had finally reached my long lived destiny

From there February was just another average month like always

March didn’t really have anything really important and that says the same for April, May and June but I tried something out with griffin land, made a few servers and reopened one.

That was dodo lakes 2, Sand beach, the past (also known as a bland griffin land) and that stuff.

In July I had made the dodo seed. Actually now that I think of it it has been over a year since the green screen was made. This server I kept because I just wanted to play something.

When wumbo came on he helped out a little bit here and there but we first introduced BFD there which I had decided I would renovate the current building he had to make it much nicer and I did.

I also had build a decayed the springs spawn which took maybe a few days. This was the server that for the first time I played legitimately without cutting out of it instantly.

I had mostly duped stuff with me because I didn’t know how to play without them. But I soon started playing by just making stuff. Which then I had made the subway from raw materials with help from someone.

This server was great while it lasted because It had a diamond tree right above the portal in space, Literally.

When September rolled by I had decided to close it because I think I was working on griffin land again but that’s about it for the server.

Griffin land was once again in the works and in my attention and I experimented with a few things and decided to make the main theme economy and built a lot of stuff. Although one part of the world lagged absolutely badly…

One day in November I had decided to announce a new server I had planned which was Eternal Memories. It’s original opening was planned for 1.7 but was pushed to I can’t remember. Or did it come in 1.7?

This server I stuck with too as I started work on it. When it was december I had decided to make griffin land into a Christmas theme but eventually the lag got so bad that I wasn’t able to join without dropping out of the world.

So I worked on EM instead and eventually it worked out. This year was full of some stuff not not a lot.

2018 (Half way)

A start of another new year, but this is my fifth anniversary of being on blockheads. I don’t know what month I joined but it is just my fifth anniversary.

EM was going good in January. May have decided to go with a new spawn and an economic theme and everything was running smooth. I originally wanted the opening to be January 4th but i pushed it and when it opened it didn’t really do good so I closed it again.

I did although put griffin land to rest eventually as I could not maintain it due to the consistent disconnections.

I reworked on EM and took the economy themed stuff down and resorted on a building theme like I originally did. When it was March 14th I was excited for 1.7 That I may not have slept properly as I wanted a piece of it. I had to delete blockheads to get it though.

But it was a blast while it lasted but I just did random things for some reason. EM didn’t open for a while but when it did it was all good.

April just was another anniversary for the springs and my Username Sunnyperson, May was the same for sunnys! And dodo lakes.

On June 4th of 2018 griffin land turned 4 which I was proud of but I had decided to reopen griffin land to see if people have the money to do something like this.

This was during a time I wanted a Mac server hosted named “Can’t Do Nothing”, eventually renamed to sea of flowers.

On June 22nd Sea of Flowers was made which I may still frequently play but this server was odd. It had about 10 time crystals directly under the portal.

Still I wanted to play on this server, I wanted to try making stuff but resorted to using a PC and TP although the discovery bug was annoying me because of how MAC servers dealt with that.

I had to eventually make a decision that was tough and that was to put moonlight out. Also known as Eternal memories.

And that’s pretty much where I am at now. Will this keep going or will it end eventually. Only time can tell :slight_smile:

But this journey has been epic but also some things not epic but that’s all about being human. Mistakes are made here and there but that’s a part of being human.

So what comes next though in this chapter of blockheads life? Like I said only time can tell.


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I don’t know what to say, ten years is incredible:P


The year griffin land turns 10!

Do note some of this may be unfinished. i will stop at the end of 2016 but i will try to continue tomorrow or something

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