My server grief

here,in 7/4/17,my server create
the server was ok
but 12/4/17
its was grief
i was sad
pls help
i can co-owner you
im sad
here proof

here server

Not so sure what you mean by “crash” Could you elaborate? :slight_smile:

Hey, there! Could we get a few more details?

@portalworld, you can send Milla a pm with your support ID (found in help section in the pause menu, do not share with anybody but Milla) and send a date you want it returned to. Milla can set it back to what it was.


Yes. :slight_smile:

thank cries more cries super cries

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How can you make someone co-owner?

You can put it on the welcome message and claim to have one, although there is no real co-owner.


I just saw a glitched Portal/Chest like this yesterday.
You can remove it by removing the blocks that are underneath it.

I can help you fix it