I’m currently having trouble with my server. Losing connection randomly, people being added to the whitelist all of a sudden… etc I’ve checked owners portal and Log and kept a close eye on the console to see if anyone caused it. But nobody was causing the server to lose connection or etc. I tried restarting the server a couple of times to see if it would fix anything, but it didn’t stop. Another player and I realized in the server every time someone joined the server connection would be lost, People continued to get added to the whitelist and the connection loss continued. At the moment I have the server under a password until everything is fixed or solved. If there is any problem or anyone I should be aware of please let me know, also please let me know if you’re able to fix this problem! @milla - Fellow blockheads player

Did you see anywhere in the server logs how the players where added to the whitelist?

Maybe Wi-Fi?

Maybe there is too many entities in the server (handcarts, dropper items, mobs, ETC)

Or a cellular connection?

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Couple debuggng type questions:
Do you mean when any player joins, everyone else disconnects? or is it just when a certain player joins?
When you disconnect, does the server reset? Or are only some users disconnected. This is pretty evident in the console logs.
I see this especially when some players have a LOT of stuff in their inventory. if duping has happened then players might have dozens of safes potentially with stacks of things like portals, shops, nested safes, caged animals, etc.

Have you every told anyone your owner portal log-in credentials?

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its not

No. I’d like to speak to you privately though.

I mean when any players join everyone else disconnects. yes when we disconnect the server does reset.

I’d like to talk to you in private, TOO much has happened and now I cant even get passed the welcome message…