My story, experiences, and crazy coincidence: the Blockheads

Hey everyone! It’s great to be back at the moment. I’ve been quite nostalgic, and I’ve sure missed this community. I wanted to tell everyone about, as the title states, a crazy coincidence that led me to meet my old Blockheads friends again.

I believe my experience with the Blockheads began around six years ago when I was in middle school. I had downloaded the game off the App Store because it looked cool and I was excited about the server multiplayer. If I remember correctly, I joined a random server after I completed the tutorial and landed at Metroblock/Clishcraft (I’ll refer to it as Clishcraft or CC because that’s what I remember more.)

I would play on CC all the time, and I got to know the community and players pretty well. I would play with these same folks for hours, days, weeks, months. I also registered on the forums as I became more involved with the broader community and the game.

For some reason that I’ve forgotten, I left CC, losing contact with most of the folks on there. I stumbled upon Secluded Park, Tanooki’s old server (I forgot how I came to be there, but I either used the random server option or probably more likely the forums). I became so dedicated to the server that I became one of the leading admins, helping Tanooki build and manage the server, as well as establishing a new, thriving community. I also became more well-known on the forums.

Unfortunately, I was going through a transitionary stage of my life, and life was getting busy, so I didn’t have as much time anymore to put toward the Blockheads compared to the past. I became less and less active until one day I just disappeared, leaving Secluded Park and the game altogether.

Flash forward around four years to now. I went through a big nostalgic trip recently, and I revisited everything I used to do in my childhood, including the Blockheads and the forums. It makes me a little sad to see that many of the people in the game and on the forums I got to know are now gone, but I’m also happy to see that both the game and the forums are active.

Now, as I’m about to enter my freshman year of college, I’m taking some time this summer to revisit parts of my childhood. I’d say the Blockheads even helped play a small role in influencing me and helping me to discover what I’m good at and what I enjoy, and therefore what I want to study in college: business, management, and entrepreneurship. I applied to specific schools based on my major and managed to get into my dream school.

A day ago on GroupMe, I received a message from another student from my incoming freshmen class asking if I had played the Blockheads. Surprised, I said yes, and she introduced herself. As it turns out, she was Egrettia, one of my first good friends I had met on Clishcraft around six years ago (and she was also active on the forums too). She had recognized one of my social media handles. Even more coincidentally, we were in the same program and even the same college house. She invited me to the Clishcraft Discord server that all the old members still talk on, and after all these years, I’m finally in contact with some of my first, oldest Blockheads friends again.

The world can sometimes be such a small place. As for what’s next in terms of the Blockheads and the community? Who knows! I might just have to hop back on again and see what’s new :wink: I’ll see you folks around, some time or another!


i am also a player for 6 years i have made many friends in the blockheads and keep intouch with some people in the blockheads i have been playing for a straight 6 years and only one year i stopped playing cause some sort of compatibility issue idk
when i started my sister showed me the game i liked it but played in single for a year then i tried join ramdom world and kept on doing that for 1 year then someone told me about advance search and during my third year of playing i saw a free tc server i stcked up on so many tc safes and unknowns soon i had so many unknowns the blockheads kept crashing when i open it until ios 11 i have been not playing for 8 months now and then i threw away all my unknowns but kept on collecting more free tc but used itonly when i ran and take 2k every week i think i use to help servers devolop and i was admin in 7 servers and soon i collected to much hacked tc my game glitched till 1.7 update and now i threw away most of hacked tc safes and just enjoy the game and help people out with thier server and gain many new firends.
i am trade246 btw anyone recognize me?


Wow, what a story!

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Welcome back, i feel like i vaguely remember you

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What’s Clishcraft? :thinking:

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I miss my old friends really bad :cry:
The truth is i cannot find them anywhere…
They are just hidden in the old Blockheads Face that’s all i know :sob:
I Just feel really bad :frowning:

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Welcome back Dargo. I remember Clishcraft. It was one of the major contemporary servers alongside White Rabbit’s Rabbithole, Skeeve’s (first) Empire, City of Stars, Aceland and Craigland.

Here’s a little blast from the past. A screen grab of from Nov, 2013.

If you want to experience some nostalgia, I still own and run Rabbithole and a server that was started in 2014…Skylands. Technically, I also run what used to be Westeros, but it has changed into a challenge server called Skylands Adventure.

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