My thoughts about this game

So I played this game when I was in middle school, this game brought so many fun to me. Althought I didn’t played this game after 2017, but recently I join back to this game to found out that all these new features amazed me a lot! Also as an asain player the best about this game for me is to meet all the players around the globe and make friend with them. However sadly I heard that the develope group won’t work on this game anymore and it is even unavalible on Google play. Therefore I really hope the develope group can still updated this game, this is a really wonderful game and should not be forgotten!! I believe with the right way to advertise it could make this game popular again! Anyways I hope the developer can keep working on this game and make it great again!!
P.S Sorry about my poor English grammer


Hello, I hate to let you down, but the game only has one developer and he is currently working on a new game. It has been said many times, that this game will never get a new update. There are still a few servers people play on, but everything about the game is dwindling.

In regards to the game not being available anymore, the APK file is still being hosted on Noodlecake Studio’s website:

That is really sad to hear…

There isn’t much marketing potential left in the game. As you’ve already mentioned, the game is no longer being updated and it no longer offers any return on investment.