My trees keep dying underground

I dug in a mountain to make a little green house and my trees keep dying, I did a lot of research and put klins to make it warm, added a lot of lanterns for
light, give space between trees, have sunlight holes and it still dyes fast! Please help!!

Hello, in dirt all trees for eventually, have to plant them on compost, the dark brown kind.

Use The Compost plus the Lights that you can plant anything but not the dirt, it’s easy to dead but the Compost and Oil lanterns or steel lanterns are the best :smiley:

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I don’t think sunlight holes are enough. I think you need to grow the trees on the surface. :thinking:

Not sure if this helps but try separating your trees, but I don’t know if that might help or not

Figured out the problem and made a whole new farm lol, ty for helping tho. I found this on the forums and it’s insane