My username has been taken?!?!

42402BC0-657D-4003-B2C3-CC7C0BB7664E I’ve always had the same username. Well, not always, but I’ve had IHEARTBLOCKS for probably 2 or 3 years. I haven’t played blockheads for a couple months because I have been busy, and I decided to log on. I tried to log on to my server, and it said that my nickname/alias has been TAKEN. I tried all the other servers I’ve joined too. But my forum name wasn’t taken so I made this account because I need help. I haven’t changed my username either. How come this worked and Ive never had a problem with it before? Did someone hack my account? Is this a glitch/bug? I need answers! Also, to clear this up, nobody knows my support ID and I have not reinstalled/deleted the app.

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I didn’t reinstall the app and nobody knows my support ID

Pm milla and explain what’s going on and give her your support id in a pm (only tell her) @milla

I don’t know how to message someone, as I just made a account…

There was a guide on it but I think it’s outdated. If you press/click on a person’s @IHEARTBLOCKS name (milla was @ above) or on their profile picture you should see an envelope icon. Click/press that to private message people.

If it won’t let you your trust level is too low. You’ll get a rank higher quickly, just scroll through some other topics on the forums for a while and you should be on the next trust rank in no time.


What if you don’t know the old one? What will happen?

I believe if you have three of your older usernames and the date you last used the account, you can still recover it.

You’re a new user, keep looking at posts and you can gain the trust level to PM people. @milla can PM you and that will be quicker.

How do I get @milla to message me?!

The bot message isn’t a thing anymore, you just have to wait for milla to be online. She’s the manager of the forum so she’ll be on soon.

PM sent :slightly_smiling_face:

that mostly happens when you travel into another city or you have 2 devices with the same ID

No, that’s not when it mostly happens. It mostly happens when someome changes platforms. After that the most frequent cause is people changing to a new account, such as a new Amazon login, or Apple ID. The third most common, in a tie, is when they either hack the game or experience a major crash while the game is writing to its data files. Travel should never cause it. Nor should two devices with the same ID.

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