Name Taken After Being Kicked Out

I was just enjoying my server as usual, playing with some friends. And for some odd reason i got just kicked out my own world. I tried to join back it said “sorry this name was taken” Which was odd since I came up with this name 3 years ago and it is now kicking me out? The problem is I can’t get back into my own world or any other worlds for that matter. Because they all have this same username. Ive tried forgetting worlds, checked if the icloud bugged or something. But they all seemed to have failed. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else before I just need to get access to my world right away. I can still use the owner portal though…

It sounds like your support ID, which connects your device to your in-game name, has changed. You should send Milla a private message with your support ID (found in the pause menu, under help/credits) so she can sort that out for you. It’s important not to share your SID with anyone else.

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you might get her attention easier if you describe the problem in your topic name

I edited the title to be slightly more descriptive. :slight_smile:

To connect to any world, i would have to change my username. Would that result in me just looking at the support ID which just changed? I can’t connect to any worlds with my regular username. Correct me if i’m wrong.

You can try to join another world with a different username or you can access the pause menu through a single player world.

I forgot to mention, you should also include your username when you pm milla. Then she can merge your old SID with your new one.

I apologize for the confusion.

Or make a new single player world

I don’t known if this relates but this happened to me before back in 2016, I had to switch to a different username.

yeah i tried that, doesn’t show.

stated that different username doesn’t work, and the single player, I tried that, doesn’t work either. But ill try your 3rd tip, thanks for the help.

What do you mean?

I looked at help and credits and my support ID doesn’t show anywhere, am i wrong?

Have you scrolled down to the Support section? It should definitely be there. You might have to look closely.

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Yeah i got it, thanks.

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PM sent.