Natural Block Pack


I think it would be great to offer a ‘natural block’ pack. This builder’s pack would be offered, perhaps for purchase, and would allow a player the ability to place natural stone, marble, limestone, lapis, etc. (no block lines).

How would they be introduced into the game?

  1. Perhaps, these blocks would be available via the trade portal in its own category that could only be unlocked with purchase… or

  2. Perhaps, if it could open up as a “level 7” trade portal option… once attained, the trade portal would become ‘the creator’s portal” that would allow purchase/use of these natural elements.

Why is this necessary?

  • Who hasn’t broken a marble or stone block that the wished they could take back?
  • Having access to natural stones would open up an entirely new ability to create worlds and environments that look absolutely natural and unblemished.
  • It gives us more flexibility in creating cool pixel art, impressive homes, ecosystems, etc.


I like it, but I’m curious as to why you suggested it maybe be purchased with money. Blocks beforehand have never been for in app purchases before. Could you maybe explain why this might not just somehow be available normally?


I’m not married to the idea of it costing money… however, in the same way that prior to this update, the texture pack cost additional money, I thought that this would also be a good way for majik jungle to make a buck.

It’s a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must have’ feature that gives added functionality without taking away from those that don’t have it. Allowing access to additional blocks wouldn’t give an unfair advantage to certain players. I’d also be willing to pay $2.99 for the added content and prep/work the developer needs to do to allow this option. As we have read, Dave’s focus is on Sapiens right now, then it will be fixing performance issues on blockheads… his focus is not to give us new or expanded content. I’m saying that I’d be willing to pay a little for this option… just realistically. I’m not saying it has to be that way, I’m sure everyone wants everything for free. I’m just proposing a modest monetary incentive to make this a possibility.


There seems to be a problem with natural rocks, the rock block makes walls that are hard to remove :confused:

But I do like the idea, maybe a new type of stone would fulfill the same purpose but without the wall. Maybe name it (bedrock)?


I would love it for making natural areas that replicate things like the Stone Forest in China.


Or Sky islands that are bigger than the normal ones, a la Pandora:

Or a fantasy world where the sky islands are all made of lapis-lazuli.

Or Arches park, with huge sandstone columns and arches:


Lego those are hacked. They make background that is hard to remove because you aren’t supposed to be able to remove stone background. However, due to glitches/hacks, you can place unmined stone and remove the background.