Natural Trade Portals in Custom Worlds


I know it is 2 years after, but this post is the closest to the question i have in mind, and that is, are naturally occurring trade portals not existent in custom worlds (even if they are allowed in the settings)? Mine is SP 1x world. I have already come across 3 cave trolls so far, but none have a TP with them. I need a TP so that I dont have to manually bring in my unicorn food by spawning a new blockhead with it frequently and every time, and instead just buy it at the portal. I also have zero TCs so crafting it is not an option.

Thanks for any replies!

I’ve found trade portals in custom worlds so they’re definitely there, but you might just be unlucky in finding trolls without trade portals. Settings might also affect the chances of finding one but if you can find trolls, then I’m sure at least one troll in that world is bound to have a trade portal. Also, keep in mind that it’s not guaranteed that a troll will spawn with a trade portal so you probably just have to keep searching for one.

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Oh, so they do exist. In the past (vanilla SP) I was used to seeing TPs with trolls so I was worried. But now you’ve mentioned the settings, you’re probably right…I do have tweaked creation, like, warmer world (Even if on full happiness I didnt want my BH to get cold, didn’t know that temperature extremes don’t affect a no-death world). I am sure it affected my trees’ height, but I don’t know what else :grin:

Thanks so much for the info @Ingeniare, I will now go back to my spelunking. Even on custom worlds you still get to have an adventure!

They do exist, I’ve found two with trolls. My world is 16x though, so that might make a difference in odds.

:thinking: The odds… :thinking:

Welp, gonna have to run a few experiments!

The odds are approximately 50%/50% of finding a Troll With TP/Without TP.


I will try and keep looking. How many trolls does it take to have a TP :smiley:


:blush: hi poppy!

A little update on my hunt for TP: just found one! I befriended the blue guy beside it, and he told me his name was Doveregubben :cheerful: We crossed oceans even if he didnt like the water, day and night under the dark starry sky…I also found out one disappointing thing when we got home: No rainbow cakes in the TP!!! :cry: Oh my unicorns…

What a sad and happy day! But it was a great adventure nonetheless :slight_smile:

Edit: I read a bit, and even if the settings are at All Items Available in TP, I tried having a rainbow cupcake in my inventory and opening the TP. Presto, it’s now there! Now off to find time crystals in survival mode to upgrade it to Level 6!


So, not to leave things hanging, here’s my update. Finally upgraded my naturally found TP (in custom world) to level 6 by mining SP 1x survival world using only 1 amethyst pickaxe. I thought at first I would need more gem pickaxes for the goal but found I was able to gather almost all the needed TC amount until the pickaxe broke. I was only short by 7 when it did, so I only had to mine 3 more blocks with stone pickaxe. Not a big deal considering all the things that I can enjoy now that I have a maxed all-free TP! :cool:

I never expected PnM to return. :grinning:

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