Neanderthal tribes and evolution of npcs

Hello, i think neanderthals or some other hominids would be cool. the neanderthals would be slightly shorter than the blockheads and usually be stronger. they will wander some distance away from their homes (caves) and then return after a while. they eat both raw and cooked dodo meat and hunt, you cant tame them or anything like that but you can trade basic items with them like meat, flint and stone tools and fur clothing, and when you kill one, the tribe members will attack you unless they don’t see it happen, they drop crude fur pants that they are wearing instead of a tank top and shorts which is a little longer than the blockheads shorts and gives you some warmth.
they also evolve over time if you have an influence on them and over time they make their own crafting benches and start growing their own food and stop hunting ect. i hope y’all like my idea! (sorry for any grammar mistakes) and i will update if my idea develops or someone suggests something. update: sometimes they have live near cave trolls and usually don’t fight and sometimes they trade, the reasoning is because they both have lived in caves for a long time.


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Maybe they should be friends with cave trolls. :slight_smile:

Nice I’m gonna add that later. :smiley: