Neat Houses


I can make some really nice houses and can make a whole bunch for new players

House number 3
Another house i built
A house i built last week

Sounds pretty neat. Mind showing us a house you’ve made? Also, welcome to the community!
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Its not allowing me to post pictures. And its making me frustrated


Oh yeah, forgot about that. Look around on the forums a little, post some stuff. Then you’ll be able to add pictures.


Thanks for letting me know! It seems that i have to get some Badges on here or somthing


Try quoting or exploring any topics.
That gains badges quickly.


Okay thank you


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Thank you so much


It shouldn’t take long. It’s just a way that the forum avoids spammers and advertisers.

I have a server undergoing renovations with a lot of abandoned bases you could renovate and make into nicer houses. It might take a slight effort to get set up to get the materials you need. But the server’s name is Skylands and Jemni is the owner.


Okie dokie thanks for letting me know


Do you have a demo reel?


For some reason its not letting me post pictures


It’s a problem with the forum. See this handy thread.

Edit: Apprently I somehow linked to my own post instead of the actual thread. It’s all fixed up now.


It wont let me create a new topic its saying i have to wait 14 hours to make a new one


Oh yeah. I think that’s a new member restriction.


How are you always earlier than me @DOG_LOVER

Welcome to the forums @NoVaQueen1224, i would love to see some of your house builds, i need some inspiration for mine…

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Ive been having a hard time trying to upload pictures


It’s a bug.



Sorry if its blurry i use my iphone for blockheads and my Android for this site