Need diamond finding advice

I have a sp and I’ve been mining for a while trying to find a diamond the screenshot shows how much I mined I found 3 cave trolls while trying to find one diamond can anyone help me figure out where else to mine I can’t find a diamond anywhere

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Oof. You got any apple trees around? Might just be easier to start breeding for diamond dodos? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As far as finding a diamond goes, you’ve looked so much already, you’re bound to come across one soon…I hope :sweat_smile:

Until then, you can have this diamond :gem:

Yea I feel like I’m done with mining for a bit :joy::joy::joy: I have up to copper dodos so maybe a diamond dodo will be quicker then mining I have plenty of time since I can only use forums and occasionally discord will let me

Yeah, dodos make better companions than chests full of mined stone anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

You won’t even need the copper dodos, just leave out a bunch of stone dodos until you get a bunch of amethyst eggs.

If you meditate for a while to speed up the process, you’ll have diamond dodos in no time. :wink:

Here’s the handy dandy guide, as a refresher.


I just follow any and all tunnels wherever they lead until they lead me no more. Sometimes it takes an irksome amount of mining.


I got plenty of time a couple hours of straight play time I mean school totally learning a lot

The bottom dodos are all stone and this is what I end up with :roll_eyes:

Seems like luck or world generation just isn’t on your side. Honestly dodos or more cave exploration are your best choices. Dodos would probably be better considering you practically mined like 5% of the world

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I forgot what “SP” stands for. Could someone please remind me?

Oh, it would help if you tamed them. You’ll have a better chance of getting the next breed of dodos before they naturally despawn.

So tame a bunch of stone dodos until you have a bunch of amethyst eggs.
Set the stone dodos free, hatch and tame a bunch of amethyst dodos until you get a bunch of sapphire eggs, and just keep repeating the process until you get diamond dodos.


It stands for “single player” world, @WumboJumbo

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Will they despawn even with the feeder chest with a lot of apples?

As far as i know, they only despawn if they aren’t tamed. Even with a feeder chest, if not tamed, they will despawn.


@TZF got it exactly right.
Even with food, untamed mobs will eventually naturally despawn.
Tamed mobs, provided food, will never despawn.

Other than the low level dodos (regular, stone, dirt, limestone, etc), the longer a dodo lives, the more of a chance it has to produce the next breed of dodo.


Dang guess I’ll have to wait until after school to tame them

If only there were a “Dodo Studies 101” course in school…that would be super helpful ;p

Yea and be a lot more interesting then translating Shakespeare

Edit: finally!!! I was taming dodos during a little down time in class and look what I medded now just need to save my tc back up!!!

Edit 2: forgot the pic


You can also get a diamond through the trade portal job listings. It requires a steel pickaxe, and 12 hours of time. But of you can’t find one easily…

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While you’re meditating waiting for those dodos… you might meditate a diamond :rolleyes:

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Did that 4 hours ago (look at the edits above)

Yea I don’t have steel yet


If all fails, try meditation. Free stuff and free diamonds, if it takes up time, summon in another blockhead to do medeteation, or make all 5 blockheads. And when you finally get the diamoin, UPGRADE TRADE PORTAL FIRST, so that way you can buy more diamonds rather than waiting ages to find more.

Diamonds spawn very often in the Lava Lair. If you dig around 20 blocks above lava, you won’t get burned, and the lava will provide light, so no need for lanters, and also try using stone pickaxes, as they may not be as fast, but they are prettey much free to craft them, and mining all that stone can give you avirtually infinate amount of stone pickaxes.