Need help about the owner portal!


Hello guys! This is FUNTIME.FREDDY, i lost my password for my other account so i created a new one

I really love the new 1.7 update! It is so damn cool, but i have some questions

While i am in my console log, what does this following chat(s) mean?

dupe static position object 9688 500
unarchiveTime: 0.0000

I hope someone answers, and thanks!

(P.S My grammar might look like trash because i got ill)


I think that has to do with the database that world’s are now stored in.


Oh okay, but can that dupe static help me to know when someone is duping?


Have you tried trolling your members to make them think that the server is alive? It’s really fun!


I did it with my girlfriend once. She thought the game was being hacked. lol.




Nope, it indicates that there’s an item overlapped somewhere where there should only be one.

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I don’t think so. Bibliophile may be able to help.
…Bibliophile replied as I did.


Thanks for the info!