Need help finding a particular guide thread


I’m trying to find the thread about cleaning up after a world has been griefed. I’ve tried all sorts of search parameters, but I’m stuck. Does anyone have the link, or the author, or the title for me, please?


This one? Fixing unbreakable blocks & other problems

It used to have a list of glitches to help fix servers when they’re griefed, but now it just has /repair since that’s all that is needed.


Thanks :slight_smile:

No, I have a player who’s been unable to fix a block using /repair, so I’m after the guide that was written well before 1.7.


It was written in July of 2015, well before 1.7 haha.

Bib edited it since the glitches are no longer needed. Try looking back in the edit history.


No, the thread you linked was posted at the time of 1.7’s release.


It was edited. Look at the replies. Look at the edit history to see the glitches that you may need.


It was WRITTEN, sorry. It tells how to use repair. Not what I need. I’m after one that lists all the tricks for fixing blocks, rather than one on the /repair function, as mentioned.


Are we talking about the same thread? It says 20 edits to me.

Milla I’m meaning exactly what I’m saying. People usually don’t need the glitches to fix the other glitches, so he edited it and replaced it with the repair method. Look in the edit history.


Okay thanks for clarifying.

I’ve restored all the previous information that was removed, and tacked the /repair stuff onto the end.


Some of them don’t work anymore though.


Wait, really?