Hey guys, so I was playing this game months ago and I can’t find the server that I use to play on. I still remember the server where we use to battle in which was called East vs West by BESTGAMER33 and I can’t find the actual server I think it’s by the same owner. Please help!

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The world died and the owner stopped it I think

This might be helpful for you…

It’s a post which seems to link pretty well with what you’re looking for (especially the person who posted it).

This server isn’t a few months old it’s like a year old

Did you ever play on it? I faintly remember your username.

That server is gone. War of life and magic world have the same members as those in war of life. I can give you best’s discord

Yep I did.

Oh, cool! I probably met you then. :slight_smile:

You played on east vs west? I played sometimes just to get clapped by the fellow members of kingdom wars. I put up a good fight.

I think I did, yes.

Under your current name? :question:

I think so.

Huh I either never saw you there or I just forgot. I went there often.

You probably forgot then.

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