Need Help With Pixel Arts!

Hello,hope everyone are doing good! I am asking you guys for help with a server which i am playing on i am not a good builder so i want someone to build pixel arts! If you do so that will mean a lot to me! I will PM you the server link if you are ready to help! & also i am going to reward you!
Hope You Guys Will Help & Hope I’ll Find A Good Builder!:smiley: :wink: Have a Amazing Day!


The owner is :: £ILOVEBUILDING£

Only world owners may post their world thread, sorry!
@milla If a user is asking for help in a world, but is not the owner, are they allowed to post a thread like this?

For now I’ll leave it. I need to know more.

@HandN: why is it that the owner isn’t posting this?

From what I understand, I think OP is posting for help to his own pixel arts, not something he’s building for the owner. Just like if someone were to ask for help building on Pixmilla.

Okay, moved to GD to avoid confusion :slight_smile:

The owner is me from the different device

i draw my drawings before i do the pixel art.

Step 1# Draw

Step 2# paste into MS Paint

Step 3# Choose how big you want your pixelart to be (pixels = blocks)

Step 4# Trace

Step 5# Build it in Blockheads

That will be hard i think you know websites like :: and some posts in pinterest ::